Download Minecraft

To try Minecraft for free, download the latest version to play multiplayer or play singleplayer through your browser. Minecraft is a creative open-world game where you can use different blocks to create almost anything you could imagine. Create and destroy different types of blocks in a 3-D environment and craft tools and weapons to prepare to go on an adventure. There are monsters that come out at night so be ready for combat or build shelter before they kill you. Multiplayer is available to play with friends and you can team up to do whatever you want. Let your imagination run wild, fight the things that creep in the night, and step through portals into hellish dimensions.


Cracked Version 1.7.9

This the latest cracked version of the game and allows you change your user name and play on cracked servers with others!


Minecraft Classic

The classic version is an outdated version of Minecraft and only includes Creative mode. Play Minecraft classic for free and start building with unlimited resources.


Official Minecraft – Creative and Survival

Creative and Survival is for paying users, however, you can download Minecraft free as a demo. If you enjoy playing the game then you should buy it from the Minecraft store. In the survival mode, you need to gather items and resources. In order to craft better tools and food to help, you need to build stronger and safer structures to keep out of harms way. It is safe to walk around in the day but as soon as it turns night, you want to be somewhere safe or else the monsters get you.